LUYANNA, which means “the falling rain” in Native American, was born in January 1989.

Raised in Europe with Portuguese “lusitanian” roots, she has been immersed in Amerindian and Latino music since her earliest childhood. With a true passion for the history and culture of Native Americans, Luyanna wanted to pay tribute to them in order to feel closer to them every day.

After graduating, she attended the famous school for professional musical training, “Studio International des Arts de la Scène” in Paris. There, she took classes in singing, dancing, acting and musicals. Soon, Lucenzo’s producers, “Faouze and Fabrice” spotted her as the next potential star. From there on, she opened for Lucenzo and was featured in a Brazilian girls band, “Braziamor”, which took her to St Martin for her first video clip, “BAILA BAILA”. She also had the good fortune of meeting the king of Reggaeton, “Don Omar”.

2016 – Tu Mirada (feat. Farruko)

January 2016, Luyanna flew to Miami to meet the rising star of reggaeton « Farruko ».

At only 24, Farruko is already considered by muscial experts as the musical phenomenon of the moment, for his great musical and interpretative versatility. In short time, all the Farruko’s tracks become international hits.

In 2015, Farruko Launches Fifth Album “Visionary” in pre-sale, it becomes # 1 iTunes “Top Latin Albums” in a few hours, ranking in which he continued to lead until its official release.

Born from this trip, a single “Tu Mirada” followed by a music video for a period of 7 minutes.

2016 – La Distancia (feat. Bobby Kimball)

November 2016, Luyanna meet “dinosaur” of the International Pop: Bobby Kimball. Leader voice of the legendary band TOTO.

In 1983, the title “Africa” will be world No. 1 with more than 40 million records sold and winner of seven Grammy Awards.

Bobby Kimball falls in love with the voice of Luyanna, born a duet on a new version of the song “Africa” and a music video shot entirely on location in Tunisia, directed by Martin Lewis (Canadian).

2015 – Walilowelela (feat. Mampi)

Luyanna never ceases to surprise us with her latest single in a duet with Mampi, “Walilowelela”, officially released on January 12, 2015. It combines tribal, African and Latino music. The video clip shows Africa and its colours, it takes us deep into the Savannah. With an addictive chorus, its wild rhythms take us into a frenzied dance from the very first note. The track is already a part of the playlist of several national radio stations and will be released in Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland on February 12, 2015. It is already being portrayed as a hit.

2014 – Enamorame (Dj Assad ft. Luyanna & Papi Sanchez)

“ENAMORAME” is the third single featuring “Papi Sanchez” and DJ Assad for the compilation “Tropical Family”. Luyanna was asked to make a cover of the hit ten years later. The video clip was made in New York, rated # 1 in Clubs and # 1 on M6 as well as on several music channels for over 6 weeks.

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